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make me choose » Anonymous asked Rory/Amy or Eleven/Clara

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ART: Dozens of Unknown Andy Warhol Artworks Discovered on Floppy Disks

On Thursday, the Andy Warhol Museum announced that it had found original works by the iconic artist in an unusual place.

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SPOTLIGHT: Hypnotic Animated Gifs by Kidmograph

The digital works of designer and web wizard Gustavo Torres (Kidmograph) are quite the spectacle. 

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Matcha crepe ( by ChocoMatcha)
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Matcha crepe ( by ChocoMatcha)

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I make sure to go on a date with myself every now and then. A few things that I like to do include eating somewhere new, running a super important errand, watching a movie, shopping, walking around somewhere new, getting pampered at a spa, or reading at a quaint café. I most especially love eating somewhere new because new and exciting food makes me the happiest.

Because, here’s the thing: if you don’t know how to make yourself happy, or if you don’t know how to date yourself, how will anyone else? You, yourself, should be the standard for who you should date. Only you can treat yourself the best way you know how. And when the day comes and you find someone who does treats you better than you, then you know they’re a keeper.

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Couple who shades together stay together

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A little more of my creativity.

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